Almanah Hope Foundation Presents ”Charity Walk’

Body; The Almanah Hope Foundation is set to carry out a Charity Walk This June.. 

At Almanah Hope Foundation (AHF) our mission is to bridge the gap between the cold sweat of stigmatization and the hot flashes of financial / economic hardship encountered in an average life of a widow; so that she can work to tackle her everyday challenges in boldness.

Are you a widow? Come celebrate yourself.

Women, Come Support Widows

Children and Family, come celebrate her Friends, Come show Our Support

The Work Route..

Start Point; Eko Atlantic, Ahmed Bello Way through Adetokunbo Ademola through intercession junction Akin Adesola back to Ahmed Bello Way

Date: June 24th..Time: 7am Prompt..

Walk Day Colors on T-shirt/Polo

  1. Widows; Green
  2. Children; Purple
  3. Family; Yellow
  4. Women; Red 
  5. Friends; Orange

You can follow us on

Instagram; @almanahhope

Twitter; @almanahhope

Facebook; Almanah Hope

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