A WIDOW’S Window Now 6pm Saturdays

It’s a family radio talk show with widows where we talk about everything about widowhood; Inside Outside On top & Underneath! It’s where we open the window wide as you see and not peep into her world in pretence It’s where we ask widows to share experiences even in anonymity to; Support and encourage others, Expose and unveil evil, Celebrate and continue life. It’s where we say, find every avenue to live life, his loss is a great lost but the biggest lost is the loss of you while living It’s where we say enough to; Sin of omission Invisible calamity Stigmatized Shauned Abused And all the rest. It’s where we remind men; Your wife is not immuned Nor your daughters, neither your sisters. It’s where we remind women; That the rain that felled on her roof has not stopped failing and it was not her sin that found her out so can and will be another’s turn. A Widow’s Window is a voice that gets the voices that makes the change. IT’S now live every; Saturday 6pm @wfm917

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