AHF Charity Walk 2018

Widowhood is not a curse nor is it by choice. Everything I planned did not go as planned but I had to learn to walk into the unplanned to get a plan. Life sure present us with so many work plan whenever our planned plan fails. The problem is the diligence to move out of the planned and move in to the unplanned and explore all of it. It is getting the desire out of the previous to the obvious that is present gives “the plan”.

Widowhood processed me and in it I got wounded but I did get refined and made whole in time in so many different ways; the greatest being daily gratitude to God and grace for wanting to give back to wo/mankind in every way possible; thus the foundation AHF.

We at AHF are motivated in building the socio-emotional well being of widows by eliminating the mental culture of segregation and alienation witnessed in fear and ignorance.

The undefined shame and approach which even the book of life, the bible agreed thus the promise; “thou shall forget the shame/reproach of thy widowhood” Isa. 54:4c.

The programmes, issues & discussions of/on widowhood had remain enclosed as others breed on it for political propaganda and philanthropic grandiosity.  The result I tell you is continuing abuse and neglect thus; shame and reproach as self-esteem are being attacked and/or destroyed.

We simply want to replace silent with salient on widowhood issue through “openization” as against the popular “indoornization” which hitherto has not help much in change of attitude towards widows and women alike. For a widow to say “God forbid my daughter can not join the walk to celebrate her because I don’t want her to be drag into widowhood” shows the dept of her reproach based on perception and attitudes.

Our desire is to celebrate the in-between life of women in the “Hood” with others as we change our general mindset. It is not to celebrate widowhood or to support it as great way of life, No!!!

We simply want a life for this group of women where they are empowered to live and not exist by encouraging them to explore and free their spirit, body and soul for a total well being

Like Mario Andrerri said Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

In commitment to alleviating the shame and reproach of widowhood not just spiritual but socially we are here again for the 23rd June celebration of International Widow’s Day 2018 #Charitywalk.

It’s #Nofundraising it is a #Funrising. It is a Spirit lifting exercise of the body, friendship, acceptance and communion of living.

One of the greatest gift among others you can give her in #sisterhood for women and girls, #mensupport for men and boys, #children for having given everything that is her to you and #allsupport for YOU that is cut in-between is to come out that day in Awka or Lagos (Island & Mainland) and #walk with her. And for others out of this zone and that can’t join the walk, you can show your all by following #her / #us on our social media; facebook, twitter & Instagram @almanah hope by repost and share.

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