2017 UNITE – Orange The World

2017 UNITE Orange the world with secondary schools in Anambra State, Nigeria by Almanahhope

Violence against Women and girls remains an issue in our society which our cultural behaviour encourages consciously and unconsciously. Some of our traditional beliefs and customs that are harmful to women and girls to transmitted down generation. We at Almanah Hope Foundation who’s aim is to “replace silence with salience” on all issues of gender violence in  celebrating 25th November through to the  10 December 2017 Human Rights Day, as we Orange the world,” with UN women UNiTE campaign; went on a ride of nibbing violence against women and girls at it’s bud. #leavenoonebehind.

We are set to give a brighter future of our youths in Anambra State as we come together, we join the world on embarking on the journey of No to violence against women and girls through youth empowerment through learning. Who best are we not to leave behind than our young minds whom we have indoctrinated. We are casting our own stone with an inter secondary school competitions among our youths to bring to their awareness these cultural norms of violence against women and girls.

The issue of gender violations can best be tackled with a prevention attitude. That involves teaching and mobilizing our youths in schools, getting them to learn to value and respect both sexes accordingly.

It was a great awakening  experience and the boys and girls in Anambra State Nigeria went on a journey learning the “equilibrium of gender difference” and the disadvantages of those cultural attitudes that has become norms.

We thank the over 30 schools that registered, the students and schools that won as we say we are all winners.

While we employ the winning schools to invest the cash won on programmes and projects that will foster gender equality, we advise the students to use theirs in things that will further their learning.

We congratulate most all participant as we call you winners whose wearing a crown. In a programme of positive change every participant are winners. As you go out everyday be the voice that says no to every act of violence against women and girls and at each time you do it the star of your crown glitters brighter.

This is just the beginning, 2017 has started it; years of continuity will achieve.

Join us @ AHF come 2018 in His grace to be an agent of change!

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