The Charity Walk Season 3 – 22nd June 2019

Almanah Hope Foundation in celebration of international widows day presents the 3rd edition of it’s Charity Walk.
It takes place 22nd June 2019
Venues are;
Lagos Mainland
Lagos Island
Time 7am
Theme; ‘End Every Widowhood Rites That Violates Women Dignity’

Across our tribes, our cultural practices and rites stories woman who loses her husband goes as; restricted to a room, dressed in black, hair unattended, without good shower. She is urged to look sober and mournful, must force out tears in the morning and evening, wake up for some early morning rituals, some days must stay up all night and not sleep as the spirit of the dead man is believed to hover around and will kill her if she sleep, she is to shave hair both head, pubic & armpits, will perform a purification bath at 4am at a junction, to drinking water used in cleaning the corpse. If she returns home in safety & survival from the drink would be a prove of her innocence over the death of her husband, provide goats, yams, drinks & money, choose among the in laws another a replacement of husband, etc and today a new is emerging “throw in ring into his grave.

While people are saying we should be glad it has reduced, we are saying “end every widowhood rites that violates women dignity”.
We love culture,  we sure want to have an identity but anyone that violates human dignity be it male or female let’s end.

Join us on 22nd June 7am at designated area of ABUJA, AWKA, LAGOS ISLAND & MAINLAND as we walk in love and solidarity in commemoration of international widows day.

If you are out of the area feel free to walk out your own…
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