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ACT4SDGs Nip at bud

When our youths are given education and skill they are empowered to grow into productive adults who will earn wages, take care of their life and the lives of their children.
With proper education and information, they will not be school dropouts.

When boys are taught to love and respect girls they grow to respect women. When there’s gender understanding, there will be no violations.

Without over 49% of our population, we as a nation is like a man with two legs hopping with one.

Without the information of our youth, we will be saddled with an uneducated next generation with no empowerment for sustainability and growth.

Our youths are our tomorrow, they are a great partnership for the goals, in this #act4sdgs.
Go to secondary/high school in your community share the goals with them; Talk about their contribution. Most importantly, let’s talk about the various forms of violence especially against women and girls. Assume they’ve not heard of it to teach them or you’ve not heard of it for them to teach you.
#nipatbud #endviolence #rape #fgm #childbride #endeverywidowhoodrites

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